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Chairman's Message 

steven.jpgOur Management team continue to work really hard, ensuring that our charity streamlines its resources, processes and policies – with the ultimate goal of creating a more efficient and cost effective business model. ​

I'm delighted that we now do more for our community than we have ever done, events such as Firthmoor LIVE ensure that we lead the way when it comes to providing community activities. I'm confident that we now have the people, processes and systems in place to ensure that our charity is set up to succeed both now and in the future

We continue to adapt to the ever changing needs of our community and customers and I'm committed to delivering a first class service for our community, a service that is both appreciated and relevant.  I'm really pleased with our progress; the team we have at Firthmoor continues to drive and deliver our vision of being the best community charity in Darlington.  

Best Wishes,


Steven Tait


Communications & Publications..

Community Spring Newsletter 2015 - view

Community Winter Newsletter 2014- view

Community Infomation Leaflet 2014- view

Budget 2016 / 17 -

FDCA Budget 2016-17.pdf

Budget Message 2016​ / 17

Charity Budget 2016 - Statement.docx

Budget 2014 / 15 -

FDCA Budget 2014-15.pdf

Budget Message 2013

Budget 2013 Announcement.doc

Chairmans Annual Message 2012 -

Chairmans Annual Message 2012.doc

Chief Officer Anouncement - view

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Budget Message 2012 - view

Budget 2012 Announcement.doc


 Further Information..

Our Charity Complaints Policy - view

Complaints Policy.pdf

Our Complaints Policy - regaring trustees - view

Complaints Policy Trustees.pdf


Charity Information..

The Firthmoor & District Community Association is run and managed by an elected board of trustees - the board is elected annually by members of the charity.

The board meets at least bi-monthly throughout the year and  they are responsible for holding the Chief Officer to account, setting targets, strategy and ensuring the charity is achieving its purpose, for more detail click the icons below.


Our Governance Policy & Process  - view​
Governance Process & Policy.pdf

Our Charity Finance Policy & Process  - view

Charity Finance Policy.pdf

Our Leadership Structure  - view

Leadership Structure - November 2016.pdf

Our Charity Operations Structure  - view

Ops Org Structure - November 2016.pdf

Trustee Meeting Dates 2016- view

Trustees Meeting Dates 2016.pdf

Annual Meeting Process- view

Our Annual Meeting Process.pdf


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